One-stop ITS Solution,

Hardware and Software


Kutuo Traffic, provides a variety of solutions, support custom development of hardware and

software, including:

  • Smart zebra crossing
  • Bus (BRT) priority intersection
  • Auto adaptive intersection
  • Center Control Traffic Management
    Green wave, Self-adaptive, Networking, Traffic flow detection is available.
    Reminds the people who cross the road, protect pedestrian safety.
    10 year factory experience, business over 100+ cities

    Our Solutions


    Kutuo as a professional traffic products manufacturer, we also provide high quality traffic products, such as traffic controller, traffic light, countdown timer, solar traffic light, radar speed sign, traffic brick, solar traffic sign. We have confidence in our products, so we promise that all the products have three year warranty.


    Shenzhen Kutuo Technology Co.,Ltd founded in 2014, is a professional manufacture that supply one-stop solution for ITS project including both hardware and software.with our own production line and great engineer team,we have good ability to work together with customers to produce customized products for them and provide high-quality ITS products,good technical support and after sale service.

    Intelligent Traffic Light Controller

    Our intelligent traffic controller is at an advanced level of the industry, easily program and good adaptive, capable of perfectly functioning intelligent signal functions, such as green wave, self-adaptive, networking center control, very compatible with all kinds of devices, like detection device, pedestrian button. optimize traffic flow, reduce traffic jams and improve transportation efficiency. As a professional ITS company, we offer our best solution for any traffic scenarios.

    Smart Zebra

    Our smart zebra is used for pedestrian safety priority, with clear visibility and good voice reminder. It reminds the people who watch the phone effectively, protect pedestrian safety and urban traffic security.

    LED Traffic Light

    To ensure the visibility and durability, our LED traffic light is made by import material, wide power. With good view distance and long life span, energy saving, excellent environmental adaptability, as a company with good development and research ability, except the international standard traffic light, we have the ability to service customized products and solutions.

    Pedestrian Traffic Light

    As a company with 10 year ITS experience, we engage to development and research traffic products for different scenes of intersection. Our traffic light is based on international standards, with good quality and long life span. We are devoted to protecting pedestrian safety.
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