LED Pedestrian Crossing
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Solution A

U  R  B  A  N     B  E  A  U  T  I  F  I  C  A  T  I  O  N

Minor Pavement Damage

Don't have to dig up the whole road, grooves only.

Simple Construction

Easy to install, easy to maintain.

More Aesthetic, Non-Light Pollution


Solution B


U  R  B  A  N     T  R  A  F  F  I  C    S  A  F  E  T  Y


Child Safety

Effectively deter children who run about.

Intelligent Speech

The strip will warning who run the red light by infrared inspection.

High Brightness

Effective reminder the people who are watching phone.


Solution C

S  M  A  L  L    T  O  W  N    T  R  A  F  F  I  C    S  A  F  E  T  Y



Pedestrian Safety

Make the driver see clearly the people who cross the road in the dark.

Simple Construction

Wireless solar powered, no need to bury the line.

Save Power

Solar panel powered and radar detection, when people stand near the pole, the light will on.


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