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KuTuo Intelligent Traffic Control System


This control system based on B/S and C/S framework.In the B/S,managing the controller by browser;In the C/S,managing the controller by client software.In the both framework,the system function is same.

software interface in the B/S

 Software interface in the C/S 

Control system architecture


Via traffic signal server and local traffic signal controller,the command center can control the intersection controller by netwrok.Via online calculation,system choose the combination of cycle,split and offset from predetermined parameters collection to give maximum freedom of coordination of local controller to execute traffic actuated function.
when it is necessary,via traffic police control center,manager can manually intervene to directly control intersection controller to execute assigned phase to direct traffic.


When the system needs expand,people can add intersection controller to the regional management computer.The regional management computer communic-ates with intersection controller by Enthernet.communication medium is point-to-point fiber optic. One central management computer manage all the regional management computer.remote computers connect with central management computer to remotely access to the control system.


From architecture, the system divides in three subsystems


    Ø central subsystem

 Remotely managing the controller, calculating the intersection coordination 


    Ø communication subsystem

Forwarding datas, stocking datas uploaded from controllers

    Ø intersection subsystem

Most are intersection controllers, they execute order from center and drive 

signals on, off and switch of the signal color


From control structures, the system divides in three levels


   Ø central control level

It includes database server,computation server,application server and so on is in charge of coordination and control of whole system. Specific control function including:monitoring the operation of the whole system; coordinating the operation of the regional control level equipments. Having all  regional control level functions; hooking traffic guidance system interface;achieving human-machine conversation.


   Ø  regional control level

It includes communication servers, algorithm servers and so on equipments. It is  in charge of communication between intra-regional signal controllers and intra-regional coordination. Specific function includes: coordinate control of intersec-tion signals, area coordinate control, arterial coordinate control and so on; having pedestrian crossing manangement, bus priority, VIP plan, VIP vehicle preemption, phase dwelling, simulated manual operation and so on.monitoring and controlling of working state and problems of the intersection external device(such as signal controllers, vehicle detectors and so on); statistic analysis and
correction of the collection of the traffic flow datas. manual intervention of intersection signal controllers via human-machine conversation.


   Ø  intersection control level

Main equipment is central coordinate controller that controls single intersection. Specific functions include: control of intersection traffic signals, isolated adaptive control, cableless arterial control, vehicle actuated control, multiple schedule control, flashing yellow control, non-motor vehicle and pedestrian control and so on isolated control; people can control the countdown display with communication method, the countdown display can be whole process display,displayed once per second. Receiving and handling traffic flow information from vehicle detector (ground loop, microwave detector, video detector and so on) and delivering to the regional control computer regularly. receiving and handling order from regional control computer and reporting the working state and problems of controllers.


In order to facilitate the command center on duty personnel to carry out system monitoring,terminals have the regional control level operation and display function.the central control center allocates appropriate administration permissions to check,set,manually intervene the parameters of controllers and check the traffic information and monitor system real-time status.


Central control center can manage more than ten regional control centers,single regional control center can manage more than one hundred and fifty intersection controllers.the whole system is flexible,strong extensibility,good compatibility.

Control Structure Diagram





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